Lawn Mowing Melbourne

Does the thought of mowing the lawn make you want to run for the hills? Even though lawn mowing is an important part of every lawn and garden care regime, it’s a task that often gets hurried or neglected by many homeowners. At Jim’s Mowing we believe lawn care is an art form, something that takes time, patience and experience to get just right. If you haven’t got the time to devote to this vital task, Jim’s Mowing Melbourne Northern Suburbs is here to do all the hard work for you.

The correct technique every time

Did you know your lawn could be looking below its best because of the mowing technique used? If it is cut too short, a scalped lawn can promote weed growth and lead to pest problems. Leaving grass too long on the other hand can make it much more difficult to mow. Mowing patterns should also be differed to stop grass becoming compacted, a problem which can impact lawn growth.

Every grass variety has an optimum mowing height. At Jim’s Mowing, we will determine the correct technique to employ according to your and lawn and grass type. We can also carry out other lawn mowing service near me like weeding and pest control, lawn restoration and repair, top dressing and fertilising. Whether it’s a quick job to give your garden a lift, or regular mowing to keep your lawn looking neat and tidy, Jim’s Mowing have the expertise and to make your lawn lush, green and beautiful without you having to do a thing.

The right equipment in expert hands

At Jim’s Mowing we only use equipment that is maintained to the highest standards so we can deliver the perfect cut each and every time. Ride on lawn mowing Melbourne is also available to ensure time and costs are kept as low as possible. If you have a sloping property, we can handle that too!

If your lawn could use some expert care from a lawn mowing specialist Melbourne northern suburbs, call in the professionals from Jim’s Mowing Melbourne Northern Suburbs. To enquire about our Lawn Mowing services Melbourne northern suburbs, call 1300 716 527 and one of our friendly customer service staff will assist you.

Whether you are after a once-off service or contract lawn mowing, let us show you why we are Australia’s largest and most trusted Lawn Mowing & Gardening Care Services.

Lawn Mowing Melbourne Northern Suburbs