Lawn Care Melbourne Is your lawn looking like a disaster zone, with holes and dead patches that you just can’t get rid of? You could waste more time and money trying to fix the problem yourself but for a solution that really works, call in a lawn care professional from Jim’s Mowing Melbourne Northern Suburbs. Lawns are our specialty because we give each lawn the personalised attention it deserves. With our decades of experience, Jim’s Mowing guarantees you’ll see real results fast with our range of lawn care services Melbourne northern suburbs including:
  • Weeding: Do the weeds in your lawn keep growing back bigger and better than ever? Unless you know how to remove or kill weeds correctly, you could be making them thrive rather than killing them off. Jim’s Mowing can help your lawn fight back.
  • Top dressing and fertilising: We can fill in all those unsightly holes to make your lawn look more even and feed it with the right fertiliser to help it grow. With the right nutrients applied at the right time, your lawn will sing!
  • Turf laying: If you need to start from scratch, we can suggest the best type of turf for your garden and lay it to perfection.
  • Pest control: Give grubs, ants and other pesky pests in your lawn the flick without exposing yourself to chemicals, pesticides or even a nasty bite.
  • Aeration and coring: If your lawn has high foot traffic and is looking off-colour, it could mean you have compacted lawn soil. This prevents water and nutrients flowing within the soil and reaching the roots of the lawn. Jim’s Mowing will solve this issue with coring and aeration using specialised equipment made especially for the task.
  • Scarifying and vertimowing: If a layer of thatch builds up on your lawn, it can prevent water and fertiliser from penetrating the soil. Jim’s Mowing have the equipment and knowledge to deal with this time-consuming and often difficult job.
If your lawn is crying out for some expert attention, Jim’s Mowing can help. To enquire about our  Lawn Care Melbourne northern suburbs, call 131 546 and one of our friendly customer service staff will assist you

Lawn Care Melbourne Northern Suburbs